Saturday, November 26, 2011

Crafts for Christmas

With Christmas approaching, everyone is in a rush to find the perfect presents for everyone on their lists. This year, I've decided to make my closest friends button boards.

What you'll need:
Canvas of any size
Hot glue

Where you can find it:
All of these materials can be found at a craft store like Michale's or Hobby Lobby. You may have to go to a fabric store to find certain types of fabric and buttons

  1. Start off by cutting your fabric to fit your canvas. You will want to leave an extra 2-3 inches on each side. Then put a dot of hot glue on each corner of the canvas and lay the fabric symmetrically over the top and pull the fabric tight. Then let the glue set.
  2. Now pull the fabric around the back of each side and hot glue the fabric to the wooden edges of the canvas. Don't hot glue it to the actual canvas because you risk burning or stretching it. Make sure that you fold the fabric at the corners so that it lays flat.
  3. Once your fabric is glued down it's time for the buttons. Lay out the buttons in advance to spell out the letter you want. Then one by one, you will spread some hot glue on the button back and press it onto the fabric.
  4. Once you have glued down all the buttons it's time for the ribbon. Tie your ribbon in a bow or however you want it to look. Then take the ends of the bow and hot glue it onto the back of the canvas. Make sure to use a lot of hot glue to keep it secure.
Voila! Custom Christmas Presents.

Love Always, Kelsey